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We are manufacturers and exporters of chimneys for use in oil refineries boiler plants. These highly efficent chimneys are used in transmission of gasses and other products of combustion and have highly frictional pressure & heat losses.

Chimney for Muddu Oil Refinery Uganda

We specialise in manufacture of standard as well as customised Hydraulic power packs and cylinders, of high quality for various applications. The commitment to maintain quality standards for reliability of our products is kept by working out all the minutest details ensuring use of high quality accessories like Strains, Filler breathers , pressure gauges , gauge isolators, return line filters, pumps, motors etc during the manufacturing process, to ensure quality performance of our Power packs under all climatic conditions .

For hydraulic cylinders special dust free assembly area is utilized for reliability of product.

Power pack assembly

Double acting cylinder assemblies

Our fabrication team focuses on providing services, technical resources in designing, manufacturing, installation and inspection of steel structures used in our ginning and press plants for supporting and mounting various machineries.

These structures in ginning plants of height upto 9.5 m are made and comprise of walkways and maintenance areas apart from machine mounting area. These structures are provided with high quality railings and climbing ladders for ease of access and safety. Steel structures are fabricated from high quality steel structural sections from reputed manufacturers. Our structures are generally bolted type for the ease of transportation and installation.

Structure at Muddu Oil Refinery Uganda

Typical structure for seed cotton screw conveyor

Structures for mounting machine at 12 M height

Utilizing the ultra modern facilities with us we are able to fabricate virtually any load lifting application like Gantry, Jib Cranes, Hoists etc. These are fabricated from strucutral grade sections from reputed manufacturers to insure accurate placementof loads.

GANTRY: These can be manufactured in varities as per lifting capabilities in either single or double girder configurations.

Gantry for material movement along the length of plant

We are manufacturers and exporters of steel structures to various applications including oil refineries. We have supplied structures for boiler plant and packing plant to these refineries. Structures are custom designed and fabricated to meet varied site requirements.

We manufacture steel and stainless tanks for humidifiers in ginning plants, textile industry and many other applications. These tanks are fabricated, tested for leaks and weld quality to ensure iths sutability.

Diesel Tanks

Diesel Tanks

We are into manufacturing of SILOS and also other storage equipments like storage hoppers for cotton ginning, seed delinting and many other applications.

SILOS and storage solutions for any capacity and size could be fabricated. Also specialised enclosed storages with regulated feeds as per custom designs could be made available to match specifc requirement and enviornments.

Structural Fabrication