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Bajaj Brush Delinter

BAJAJ BRUSH DELINTER is designed specially for cottonseed breeding & black cottonseed producing industry. This machine is a gentle delinter which can remove up to 80 to 90% of the linter available on the cottonseed. The machine deploys rotary brushes and abrasive strips to provide superior delinting action.

Bajaj Brush Delinter

  • Built with counter directional drums & brush
  • Drums coated with abrasive for superior quality delinting
  • Gentle rotary speeds which minimizes seed damage
  • Two stage delinting in one machine
  • The machine is tailor made for seed breeding industry

Energy saving feature

  1. One common motor for two drums
  2. The machine is optimally designed for lowest lint suction fan power consumption

Technical specifications

Overall size 2.8 m x 1.5 x 3.1 – excluding feed hopper
Connected motor 40HP
Capacity 500 to 800 kg/hr – depends on linter %
Suction fan motor 30 HP


The delinter machine with all other auxiliary machine is supplied as a turnkey solution for seed breeding purposes. The auxiliary machines include gravity graders, seed coating machine, seed bagging machine etc

Delinting & Decorting Machinery