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  • BAJAJ CONEAGLE designed ginning system equipped with the exclusive high capacity Seed Roll Conveyor Tube.
  • A forward-tilting ginning breast allows convenient inspection of the ginning ribs, roll box and optional huller ribs.
  • Placement of the new designed picker roller eliminates force-feeding the gin saws.
  • Huller front tilts forward for accessibility to the picker roller and the roll box. The seed roll can be easily dumped.
  • BAJAJ CONEAGLE 201 gin frame is equipped with a rib rail for the addition of huller ribs if cotton conditions or customer warrants their use.
  • Compact overall gin design, featuring rigid-weld steel construction.
  • Segmented heads for easy front removal of gin saw and gin brush.
  • Optional open-end huller ribs.

The BAJAJ CONEAGLE EagleMax Series 201 Saw Gin
…. can produce high quality lint at proven rates of 25 bales per hour.

BAJAJ CONEAGLE EagleMax 201 Gin Stand

Segmented heads allow
spiked cleaning cylinders.
channel saw cylinders
and doffing cylinders
to be removed without
complete dismantling of
the feeder.

Flow of Cotton

Lint is pulled and separated from the cotton seed by the gin saw rotating between ginning ribs. The saw teeth carry the lint through the evenly spaced ginning ribs at the ginning point and the seed is left behind in the roll box. The saw consists of 201 saw blades mounted on a journal that rotates at 615 RPM. The saw blades have 330-teeth and are 16 inches (406mm) in diameter. Approximately 50 percent of the seed passes through holes in the seed tube located in the center of the roll box where they are conveyed to the ends of the gin and discharged to the seed conveyor below the gin. The remaining seed is purged from the bottom of the seed roll and falls into the seed conveyor. Lint is removed from the saw by the doffing brush.

Positive Brush Doffing

Lint is removed directly from the gin saws at super-capacities producing a smooth sample. Features positive lint discharge and adjustable air intake.

Lower Moting

Adjustable mote board allows for additional cleaning.

Optional Huller Ribs

Gin Frame supplied with rib rail for optional huller rib Use.

Stainless Steel Roll Box

Featuring selfforming seed roll, uniform saw tooth loading, high-capacity seed discharge and automatic feed.

Seed Roll Conveyor Tube

(removes ginned seed from the center of the seed roll) This exclusive 5″ (127mm) diameter
louvered design rapidly removes seed. Speed of rotation is coordinated with the natural rotation of the seed roll for effective, positive results. Sealed bearings throughout.

Top Mounted Ginning Ribs with Inserts

Engineered for safety and high performance, featuring super-strength at the ginning point. Cantilever rib design for tag relief.

16" Gin Saws

Featuring scientifically designed and heat tempered saw teeth The design creates less friction at the ginning point. Saws are of standard gauge and are preision ground, mounted on a 6 7/8″ {174.6 mm} diameter Saw Shaft with 4 7/16· (112.7 mm) Pillow Block Bearings.

Brush & Saw Removal

Segmented heads for easy front removal of gin saw and gin brush.


Capacity25 bales plus per hour
Saw16″ (406mm) dia 201 saw blades, 615 rpm
Doffing Brush15 (381mm) dia. 20 rows of brushes, 1550 rpm
Trash Conveyor12″ ( 304mm) Drive 93prm
Seed Roll TubeDrive 5prm steel tube roller agitator
Gin Motor250 hp
Picker Rollerindependent drive 504 rpm
Length (front, with covers)(4470 mm) 176”
Height (floor to bottom)(1343 mm) 52 7/8” of feeder)
Width (with covers)(2489 mm) 98″
Saw Shaft centerline(730 mm) 28 3/4”to floor
Weight (approximate)(3628 kg) 8000 lb