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Unequaled for bulk removal of sticks, hulls and leaves from machine picked or stripped cotton.

Shown with 24” vacuum – Vacuum, ductwork, and supports are not included with the Super III


The Super III is unequalled for bulk removal of sticks, hulls and leaves from machine picked or stripped cotton. Cotton entering the machine is directed to two large extracting cylinders and a third saw cylinder cleans and reclaims excess cotton from the main cleaning cylinders.
The efficient extraction of foreign matter greatly reduces the wear and damage to other ginning equipment.

The Super III is the practical, performance proven machine for better cleaning at high capacity and producing quality sample on all types of cotton.

The Super III installed in the gining plant assures more effective and efficient operation of the machinery processes that follow. it is designed to operate at capacities equal to the overall installation requirements.

Super III

Profit – Making Feature :

  • Super III sling-off action assures no restriction of cotton flow for high capacity.
  • Super III can be installed in existing gin outfit with minimum engineering and rearrangement.
  • Continental Eagle precision manufactured temperhardended channel saws on dynamically balanced cylinders.
  • Wire brushes set cotton on saw cylinders.
  • Bar grids designed for more effective stick removal-easily adjusted to saw.
  • High speed doffing cylinders remove cotton from 16″ saw cleaning cylinders.
  • Lower saw cylinder reclaims cotton-cleans as effectively as upper cylinders.
  • Two large doors on back of Super III provide easy access for maintenance.
  • Metal doffers for long life.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Built-in by-pass for cleanly picked cotton.

Inclined Cleaner over the Super III Stick machine with a 36” vacuum.

Doors open right side.

Wide rear access doors and catwalk.


D.R. Gin Golden Jubilee18 D.R. Gin36 D.R. Gin48 D.R. GinOnly for saw ginOnly for saw gin
161 SAW GIN10
201 SAW GIN01
Width48” (1220mm)60” (1524mm)72” (1828mm)96″ (2438.40mm)120” (3048mm)
Capacity10-12 BPH (170)20-22 BPH (170)28-30 BPH (170 Kg)20-24 BPH (227 Kg)25-30 BPH (227 Kg)
Channel Saws diameter (Three)16-1/2″ (419mm)16-1/2″ (419mm)16-1/2″ (419mm)16-1/2″ (419mm)16-1/2″ (419mm)
Weight2025 Kg2551 Kg3060 Kg4082.4 Kg5443.2Kg
Electric Motor12.5 HP 1440 RPM15 HP 1440 RPM17.5 HP 1440 RPM20 HP 1440 RPM25 HP 1440 RPM