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  • Highest Bale Density

BAJAJ HORIZONTAL BALING PRESS with a 40 HP Hydraulic Power Unit and a standard operating pressure of 2700 PSI and a 7-inch bore Industrial Grade Compression Cylinder is a unique solution for baling of various items such as bio mass, textile waste and many other applications. The Model has the advantage over other similar baling presses as compression force is higher by about 36%, which yields up to 40% heavier bales. Bale tie required per bale is 25% lesser and hence 25% lower baling material cost. The other models for higher or lower pressure are also available on request.


  • Highest bale density of all similar machines.
  • Largest feed hopper of all similar machines.
  • Feed hopper door with inspection windows, dust seals and interlock.
  • Heavy duty spring loaded retainer dogs.
  • Level sensor at hopper for automatic operation of main ram.
  • Warning for startup and full bale.
  • Double tie slots in ram to prevent material buildup and also crossing of bale ties.
  • Adjustable bale density switch.


Feed Opening 30”L X 30”W
Box Size 48”L X 30”W X 30”H
Operating Pressure 2700 PSI
Finished Bale Size 55”L X 30”W X 30”H
Stroke Cycle Time (No Load) 20 seconds
Power Consumption Aprox 40 HP
Weight of Machine 3.5 Tons approx.
Overall Dimensions of Machine Length 4650 mm
Width 1345 mm
Height 2165 mm
Bale Ties Required 4 No’s
Operating By PLC Panel
Horizontal Baling Press