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Electro –Hydraulic Controlled Suction System for Cotton Modules, Wagons & Bulk Seed Cotton

The Suction –Command System takes the worry out of finding dependable labour for suction feeding seed cotton from your trailers or modules. The standard system consists of two lanes independent suction lanes. Bajaj’s Suction – Command System can be designed to meet your individual needs from one to four suction lanes.

Unlimited directional control is smooth and easy. The steel carriage assembly and the high strength aluminium telescopes are very responsive to the operator’s controls.

Swing Momentum is always under control by the operator. The Suction Command operator cab is a clean , comfortable environment.


  • Engineered for Strength with Less Weight.

    Stronger design in critical areas, yet total weight saved reduces wear and strain on track rails and entire structure.

  • Thick Walled Aluminium Telescopes

    Stronger Tubes with less weight give better control and put less stress on the swing mechanism.

  • Flexible Swivel Sleeve

    A positive, air tight fit provides efficient operation and requires minimum maintenance.

  • Large Radius Elbows

    Choking is virtually eliminated

  • Four Rubber Covered Carriage Wheels

    All wheels are powered delivering positive traction. Traverse travel is straight… no binding.

  • Industrial Grade Hydraulic Cylinders

Super Capacity Hydraulic Power Unit

Instantly available power when demanded and power cost savings when there is no demand.

60 gallons ( 227.2 Litre) Fluid Capacity
15 gallons ( 56.8Litre) Per minute

Electro – Hydraulic Controlled Suction System….For Modules, Wagons and Bulk Seed Cotton.

Custom Designed for each installation

Directional Stick Control

  • Hydraulic Power Cylinders
  • Long Life Constructions
  • Case Hardened Piston Rods
  • Four Traversing Motors Per Unit
  • Independent H beam Support Frame and Bracing
  • All four carriage wheels are powered by the highest quality Hydraulic Traversing Motors
  • Tapered Pistons Provide Cushion to reduce Shock
Suction Command Seed Cotton Feeding System