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Bucket Attachment for Cotton and Seed Handling
  • Quick assembly of attachments
  • Designed for higher safety
  • User friendly
  • Handling big loads

Attachment for Cotton Grabbing

Attachment for Bale Handling

Attachment for Heaping of Cotton

We offer custom designed attachments for material handling by tractors in cotton ginning and pressing plants. Bajaj employs latest design techniques and manufacturing techniques to provide rigid, high quality attachments for

  • Cotton Bale Handling
  • Loose cotton handling
  • Seed Heaping and loading to bagging hoppers
  • Heaping of cotton


  • Heavy duty applications
  • Anti friction bushes and high quality hardened pins at all points
  • Robust construction for long life
  • High quality hydraulic systems for better performance
  • Level indicators available wherever necessary
  • Bucket sizes as per customer’s requirements
  • Easily detachable units
  • Lifting heights upto 17 ft.
  • Non metallic coverings for tips to avoid chances of spark or fire
Bajaj-CEC Seed Cleaner