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  • Instant / Online humidification
  • Increases bale weight
  • Reduces pressing force
  • Reduces power per bale
  • Improves lint grade & appearance
  • High quality construction for longer life
  • Improves fibre parameters
Moist Air Generator

Humidifiers with disel / gas / kerosene burner suitable for 1700  1700 CMH of hot humid air & 204 litres of peak evaporation capacity

Hot Air Humidification or Hot Air Moisture restoration in a cotton gin can have a huge impact on profitability. Some of the salient features are given below:

  • Instant humidification by easing out wax surface of the fibre and recuperation after humidification by cooling effect for retained moisture.
  • Preserves fiber length, improves strength and uniformity and reduces short fiber content.
  • Eliminates moisture condensation which is a general problem with all other moisturisation techniques.
  • Increases the lint slide capacity and allows more cotton to enter the press box at each stroke of the tramper and hence higher density bale is obtained.
  • Improves the capacity of the bale press whereas dry cotton requires higher compression forces and more time to charge and compact it into the press box.
  • Achives better sliding of lint in the lint slide.

Hot Air Humidification applications:

  • Hot humid air is inducted in the lint on a lint slide with a set of louvers at temperature around 45 to 50 Degree celcius.
  • The hot air eases out the surface tension of the fibre and humidity is transfered to inner stem while air passes out. The cooling down recuperates the fibre surface and maximum moisture contents are retained by fibre for a longer period.

Our systems consists of :

A. Moist Air Generator: Humidifiers with disel / gas / kerosene burner
B. Moist Air Applicators: Lint Slide or Humidification Belt Conveyor
This is a unique device manufactured by Bajaj Steel Industries Limited in technical collaboration with M/s. Inc. USA. for moisture restoration in cotton lint applying psychrometric principles. It is a high temperature Humidifier for generation of Humid hot air free from water droplets. The vapour phase transfer of moisture at the diffuser assures controlled and positive enhancement of moisture content in lint to highest acceptable level, as per international standard. This reduces pressing force of bale press resulting in lower power consumption per bale and increases bale weight.
Hot Air Humidification System