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Schematic of a typical Dust Handling System for a Ginning Plant

Dust / Waste Handling Systems particularly applicable to the handling of cotton / lint  waste and associated trash created by machines in ginning plants. The system consists of a pneumatic  ducting circuit connecting a filteration unit  to all  factory locations where waste and dust is generated. A fan creates an air flow in the ducting circuit to carry waste and dust therealong. The fan  separates the air flow into major and minor portions and by centrifugal force transfers most of the waste and dust to the minor portion. The air in the major portion is directed back to the factory space via a filter  to remove any dust contained in the major portion.

A typical waste handling system we offer for removing waste and dust from a ginning factory  has been shown. The major components of the waste/ dust handling systems comprise of :

  • Pneumatic ducting line with G.I. Pipes, bends and diverters.
  • Centrifugal fans already attached to the systems in case of existing plants to draw dust / trash from the trash generating machineries.
  • Primary filter to seperate fibrous material from the conveying air and allows micro dust to pass to the secondary filters.
  • Secondary filter to seperate micro dust from conveying air.
  • Ventilator to pull microdust air along with fibrous waste from primary filter to compactor and again supply the excess to primary filter after compaction.
  • Secondary ventilator to pull microdust from secondary filters and pass it to cyclone seperator and dust compactor with fresh air exit to secondary filters.
  • Cyclone separator and dust compactor to separate microdust taken from secondary filter and allow to fresh air back to secondary filter.


  • Better performance due to minimised pressure loss.
  • Compact design and hence less space required.
  • Waste is compacted and hence easy to handle.
  • Optimum utilisation of fans ensures complete cleanliness.
  • Cost effective.
  • Can be incorporated in existing set ups.
  • Easy to maintain, low maintenance costs.
  • Sturdy gearbox design and high quality rotating parts and nozzles for longer life.
Dust / Waste Handling Systems