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  • Robust construction
  • Completely enclosed for dust free operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Made with superior technical know how
  • Simple Operations

Bajaj Bucket Elevators are ideally suited to elevate bulk materials from sluggish to free flowing vertically. These bucket elevators are manufactured for capacities up to 15000 Kg/hr. depending upon the material requirements.

Bajaj Bucket Elevators consists of rectangular rigid mild steel housing with a tangential inlet in the bottom section and an inclined outlet in the top section. Bajaj Bucket Elevators are of centrifugal type with rigid seamless mild steel buckets mounted on open ended belts. These are anti static oil repellent in nature. The drive unit comprises of an electrical motor coupled to reduction gear box mounted on the maintenance platforms attached to the top section.


  • Considerable saving in labour cost.
  • Available in different models for specific requirements like bagging, transferring to conveyors etc.
  • Bucket design ensures maximum fill in buckets and prevent discharge interface with proceeding buckets while in operation.
  • Effective inspection windows on intermediate sections.
  • Easy installation facilitated due to quick connection between components.
  • Precise machined head and tail pulleys to facilitate belt movement.
  • Easily operated adjustment devices.


Model I  – 5 TPH
Model II – 10 TPH
Model III – 15 TPH
Cotton Seed Quantity in Kg /hr.
Power Consumption
3 HP
5 HP
7.5 HP
Bucket Size
Belt with bucket
Belt with bucket
Belt with bucket
Bucket Elevator