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Belt Conveyor for hand picking of cotton

  • Robust construction
  • Maintenance Free
  • Simple Operations
  • Reduces manpower

Belt Conveyor for lint conveying

Belt Conveyor in the pit below Gins

Belt Conveyor for humidification system

Belt Conveyor without carrying idler


Bajaj heavy duty Belt Conveyors are designed to transport bulk materials over both short and long distances. These are ideal for conveying a wide variety of bulk materials from sluggish to free flowing and small to large lump sizes.

Bajaj Belt Conveyors are custom designed and can convey material both horizontally and at an inclination and are available in various sizes and specifications depending upon the application, efficiency of the system, material density to be carried etc.


  • Considerable saving in labour cost.
  • Available in different model for specific requirements like jobs for sorting, inspection, assembling, transportation of bulk materials.
  • Easy installation facilitated due to quick connection between components.
  • Easily operated adjustment devices.
  • Precisely machined rollers to facilitate belt movement
  • Effective skirting design for any inclination which facilitates many point dropping material on the belt conveyor.
Belt Conveyor