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  • Most economical method of restoring moisture
  • Uniform application throughout width
  • Protects fiber quality
  • Recycling of humid air for effective fuel consumption
  • Made with superior technical know-how
  • High quality construction for longer life
Internal View of Lint Slide for Humidification

The lint slide grid is used to humidify lint as it passes down the lint slide to the baling press. It is composed of stainless steel crosspieces (slats) which overlap to form louver-like openings. Humid air, introduced through the floor of the lint slide beneath the grid, issues from these openings and passes upward through the batt of lint, adding moisture to it. The overlapping arrangement of the slats helps to push the lint down the slide as the lint floats on this bed of humid air and prevents the accumulation of pin trash beneath the grid.


  • Stainless steel louver grids.
  • Louvers adaptable to existing lint slides.
  • Humid air recirculation increases process economy.
  • Economical and effective moisture restoration.
  • Maintenance free
  • Moisture restoration cost is lowest per bale.
  • No damage to fibre quality.
  • Valve at exhaust chamber to control moisture % restoration.
Lint Slide for Humidification Systems