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The BAJAJ CONEAGLE 24-D Golden Eagle Lint Cleaner is a saw-type, controlled-batt lint cleaner having two main assemblies, the lint cleaner base and the condenser assembly mounted on top of the lint cleaner base. One optional three-phase AC motor powers all drives in the condenser and lint cleaner.

Major components of the condenser assembly consist of a 24-inch diameter perforated screen condenser drum and two grooved doffing rollers. Each end of the condenser drum is connected to an air duct. Air carrying cotton into the drum escapes out the air ducts while the cotton adheres to the drum. Adjustable flapper values
on the ducts provide air balance.

Major components of the lint cleaner base assembly consist of three feed rollers, a feed bar, eight cleaning grid bars, a saw cylinder and the doffing brush. Adjustments are provided for maintaining proper position of the components.

24 – D Lint Cleaner produces the highest capacity
and grade of any lint cleaner in the industry.
Without sacrificing quality or turn-out.

Single or Tandem

The BAJAJ CONEAGLE Golden Eagle 24-D’s are easily installed in single unit or tandem arrangements behind any gin stand and will more than meet every challenge. Valve configuration allows use of either, neither or both lint cleaners.

Flow of Cotton

Lint enters the condenser and is formed into a batt on the condenser screen. Air carrying the lint passes through the screen on the drum and exits out the two end ducts. The two grooved doffing rollers remove the batt from the condenser and direct it to feed rollers in the lint cleaner. The rear grooved doffing roller is installed with a minimum running clearance from the drum and allows the doffing rollers to form a pressure seat at the discharge point. The front doffing roller is set at 3/8 inch from the condenser drum. As the flow continues, the increased speed of the rollers draw and straighten fibers for the saw.

Rollers draw and direct the batt to the feed rollers and the feed bar which feeds the batt into the saw. The feed roller is under spring tension exerting a force toward the face of the feed bar. The feed roller and feed bar grip the batt so that the fibers are drawn and combed as they are placed on the surface of the saw.

Trash and mote particles thrown to the outside edge of the cotton by centrifugal force are stripped by the cleaning grid bars. The saw carries the cotton to the doffing point where it is removed by the brush. The brush also generates air flow to help convey the lint.

Super Capacity and Cleaning

  • 102” length handles all high capacity gins.
  • Super-effcient 24″ diameter condenser
  • 8 Precision machined and polished grid bars.
  • Fine adjustment for top grade cleaning
  • Precision engineered feed mechanism for optimum combing action
  • Time-proven brush doffing
  • Lock-out controls are standard equipment

Rugged, Trouble-Free Construction

  • Precision machined feed plate, adjustable for accurate placement, heavily built to hold critical settings
  • Exclusive concave grid bar design further straightens and aligns fibers for high trash removal with reduced lint loss
  • Exclusive tooth design on wire-wrapped saw insured superior lint retention, easier doffing
  • Heavy steel shafts on sealed bearings
  • Easily-removed components


24-D Motor40hp, 1750rpm
Brush Cylinder17.75 in, cylinder dia, 1655 rpm
Saw Cylinder24.0 in, cylinder dia, 908 rpm
Condenser Drum24.0 in, cylinder dia, 27.51 rpm with Step Cone Sheave 5.0
Mote Air Requirement (Per Machine)4000 cfm
Brush Air Requirement (Per Machine)7100 cfm
Inside Heads(2591mm) 102 in
Outside of Closed Doors(3721mm) 146-1/2 in
Outside of Open Doors(5182mm) 204 in
Width (Outside of Covers)(1626mm) 64 in
Height (Installed)
Floor to top of Condenser(2657mm) 104-5/8 in
Floor to top Horizontal Duct(3442mm) 135-1/2 in
Condenser(1069kg) 2,400 lbs
Lint Cleaner Base(3656kg) 8,060 lbs