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The Bajaj Module Feeder controls the volume of seed cotton conveyed dispersed and fed into the gin and is limited only by the maximum seed cotton feeding capacity of the gin machinery.

The dual drive system allows modules to be quickly conveyed to the dispersing section of the feeder. The conveyor feeding the disperser has a variable speed drive to coordinate the module flow with the capacity of the gin plant. Additional 36’ conveyor sections may be added to increase module storage capacity.

The Company manufactures moving floor feeders, moving head feeders, dump feeders, belt feeders and roller feeders and has been proven the best for feeding all types of module seed cotton into the ginning system.

The new customer requested cost saving Bajaj Module Feeder design features the same proven components of our Standard Module Feeder with only one section of walkways and no module side walls.

Controlled High –
Capacity Cotton Module Feeding Designed For Your Ginning Capacity

Module Feeder shown with full length walkways and side walls.