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Machining Infrastructure consisting of large number of sophisticated CNC’s, conventional machine tools & highly skilled manpower. Our state-of-the-art machining facility is one of the largest of its kind in Central India.

To effect timely delivery of zero defect products, strict quality norms are followed at every stage.

Our cluster of machineries comprise of :

  1. CNC : Vertical Milling Centers, Turning Centers, Gear Hobbing, Five Axis Plano Millers, Glint (Pneumatic Milling).
  2. Conventional : Lathes both general & special purpose, Milling both Vertical & Universal, Shapers, Slotters, Centerless Grinder, Plano Miller, Plainers, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Tapping arms.

Glimpses of some of our machines have been shown here…

HAAS Make CNC Vertical Maching Center for key ways
LIBHERR make CNC gear hobbing
Maximum Diameter of Gear Cut : 380mm
Module : upto 7
Accuracy : DIN 7/8 standards
View of CNC Machine Tool Area
CNC Turning Center
Maximum Turn Diameter : 550mm
Maximum Length : 2700mm
View of Maching of a component on Vertical Maching Center
CNC Vertical Machining Center
Table Size : 1150x475mm
X,Y,Z, Travel : 000x500x505mm
CNC Heavy Duty Vertical Machining Center.
X,Y,Z, Travel : 2200 x 1000 x 800mm
Table Size : 2400 x 960mm
Maching of a Component in progress on CNC Double Column Plano Millers
5 Axis Machining Head
Table Size : 4000x1700 mm
X,Y,Z, Travel : 4200x2400x900mm
CNC Double Column Plano Miller
5 Axis Machining Head
Table Size : 2160x1400x750mm
Convensional Plano Miller
CNC Turning Center
Maximum Turn Diameter : 510mm
Maximum Length : 2000mm
9 Meter Bed Lathe for Special Applications of boring/skiving/burnishing of long Hydraulic cylinders up to 450mm diameter and the surface finish of the bore up to 0.07Ra
CNC Turn Master
Maximum Turn Diameter : 35mm
Maximum Length : 380mm
View of Conventional Machine Tool Area
Machining Details