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    Capacity requirement per HOUR in terms of lint or seed cotton or number of bales:

    5 Bales8 Bales10 Bales15 Bales20 bales25 Bales30 bales45 Bales60 bales80 balesAny other

    Preferred weight of Each Bale (in kgs. of Lint):

    170 Kgs.200 kgs.217 kgs.227 Kgs.

    Bale Size:

    48" x 18"42" x 21"54" x 21"Any Other

    What Type Bale Press is required:

    Up-packing (normally having 24 feet deep pit)Down-packing (everything above ground level, hence extra height of building required)

    The number of hours, to be worked everyday:

    8 Hrs.16 Hrs.24 Hrs.

    The expected number of working days per season:

    306090120150180 Days

    Percentage out-turn expected for variety of cotton to be used, which is normally ranging between 35-40%:

    Less than 30%30-35%More than 35%

    Plant Type:

    Manual feedingSemi-automaticAutomatic

    How will the Raw Cotton to be delivered to the plant?

    In bagsIn bulk by trucks or bullock-cartsOpen in TrucksModule / Seed Cotton Bales etc.

    Raw Cotton Storage

    Covered StorageOpen StorageBags opened at Mixing FloorModule / Seed Cotton Bales etc.

    Is a layout / sketch of land available

    If yes, please provide copy

    Is there existing setup of Ginning Plant

    If yes, please provide a drawing or sketch

    What is the approx. moisture content of seed cotton when received ?

    Less than 6%6-8%More than 8%
    (please specify approx. percentage)

    Cotton Picking Method

    Hand PickedMachine PickedHand StrippedMachine Stripped

    What is Trash percentage in Seed Cotton

    Below 3%Between 3-7%7-10%10-15%15-20%20-25%Above 25%

    Which Technology you will prefer for ginning

    Saw GinDouble RollerRotobarSingle Roller

    What is the average length of fibre for Ginning

    Between 20-27 mm27-31 mm31-37 mmabove 37 mm
    (Please specify)

    Micronaire Range of Cotton to be ginned.

    below 3%3 to 3.5%3.5 to 4%4 to 4.5%above 4.5%

    Electrical Voltage available in the country of use.

    380 V, 50 Hz415 V, 50 HzAny other

    Note: "The Recommended moisture content at ginning point is around 8% and trash below 5% of size below 5 mm. Necessary drying & cleaning recommended if seed cotton having higher than this, approximate moisture percentage and trash contents are important inforamtion."

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