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    What is the total volume of White Seed to be processed per day ?

    100 TPD200 TPD400 TPD600 TPD

    How many hours per day will the plant operate ?

    8 Hrs.16 Hrs.24 Hrs.

    How many days per year will the plant operate ?

    306090120150180 Days

    How will the seed be delivered to the plant ?

    On-line from GinningIn bagsIn bulk

    What is the approx. moisture content of the seed when received ?

    Less than 6%6-8%More than 8%

    What is the approx. percentage of lint on the seed when it is received?

    Less than 8%8-9%More than 9%

    What is the amount of residual lint desired after delinting?

    Less than 4%4%More than 5%

    Do you want to produce 1st cut and 2nd cut separately ?


    Do you want to bale the linters ?


    If yes, do you want to bale 1st cut and 2nd cut separately ?


    Do you want to decorticate undelinted (white) seed, partially delinted or fully delinted (3% to 4% residual linters ?


    What is the electrical power supply available at plant site ?

    380 V, 50 Hz415 V, 50 HzAny other

    Do you have oil mill / solvent extraction plant with you to immediately expel / extract oil from meat / kernel. The same is recommended to be processed within 48 hrs. of decorticating ?


    If yes the capacity / hr.

    500 Kgs/Hr.500-1000 Kgs./Hr.1000-1500 Kgs./Hr.More than 1500 Kgs./Hr.