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We offer two kinds of conveying systems for seed. These conveying systems are broadly classified as follows:

  1. Mechanical Conveying Systems
  2. Pneumatic Conveying Systems

The typical mechanical conveyors used for Cotton Seed in ginning plants include

(a) Screw type distribution conveyor feeders for Cotton seed.

(b) Bucket Elevators of various types

Screw type distribution conveyor feeders for Cotton seed
  1. Available in various sizes upto 450 mm diameter
  2. Efficient distribution of Cotton Seed from each Gin to Elevators , pneumatic lines , storage etc.
  3. Efficeint distribution of Cotton Seed at multipoints for bagging .
  4. Effective alignment for maximum length


Bucket Elevators of various types
  1. Available in various sizes
  2. Smooth carrying of cotton seed from Gin house to Over Head Screw Conveyor for cotton seed
  3. Robust construction for longer life and trouble free operation
  4. Considerable saving in labour cost.
  5. Bucket design ensures maximum fill in buckets and prevent discharge interface with proceeding buckets while in operation.



Bajaj manufactures most efficient pneumatic conveying systems for cotton seed. Pneumatic conveying offers an ideal choice for transportation of seed cotton, lint, cotton seed and other materials as the material is transported in a closed pipeline which protects it from environmental contaminations and also are smooth, trouble free, time saving and cheaper for long distance transportations.

  1. Available in spiral and plain construction
  2. Higher thickness of sheets for longer life
  3. Heavy duty bends, diverters, expander and reducers etc.
  4. Well designed joining
  5. Efficient removal of foreign particles
Pneumatic Conveying system for seeds or Seed Blowing System is a combination of following :
  1. Galvanised Pipes: We provide galvanised pipes from 5” dia to 36” dia for various applications these are made in length upto 6 mtr connected to each other by Flanges at the ends with suitable filler material to give leak proof joints.
  2. Elbows or bends for vertical movement of material.
  3. Seed Blowing Attachment:- This attachment consist of a rottary feeder with specially designed Ventury and Hopper to suit the requirement.
  4. Roots Blower:- It is used to create positive pressure differentials to carry the seed.
  5. Cyclones:- Bajaj cyclones designed and manufactured to seed discharge rate from Roots Blower. These cyclones are made of mild steel and are used for seed feeding to the rotary air lock above the seed bagging conveyor.
    Some of the sailent features of Cyclones are as below :
        • Robust Construction
        • No maintenance
        • Long life
  6. Rotary Airlock:- Rotary Airlock are used to discharge trash, fibres, dust etc. below the cyclone after dust collectors without allowing air to enter into the system or for seed blowing systems to discharge seed in the conveyor below cyclone.
    Rotary airlocks are also used as rotary feeder in case of cotton seed blowing systems.
  7. Screw Conveyor for Seed Bagging :-
    • Available in various sizes upto 450 mm diameter
    • Efficient distribution of seed for multi point bagging
    • Effective alignment for maximum length


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