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  Bajaj Machinery

Bajaj – Continental Machinery

Ginning & Pressing Machinery

We have been awarded the "Largest and modern cotton ginning & pressing machinery manufacturer in India" by the hands of then Hon'ble Union minister of textile Govt. of India Mr. Shankersinh Vaghela.

Bajaj DR gins give highest out turn of lint with better seed quality at lowest maintenance and per unit cost of production. Similarly high efficiency Bajaj down packing cotton baling press produces highest number of bales at lowest cost per bale. We offer complete cotton ginning, pressing, cleaning, conveying and handling solutions and turn key ginning and pressing plant machinery. More...

Components & Machine Parts

We are a renouned manufacturer and exporter of precision machined components having applications in cotton ginning, automotive industry, hydraulic presses, ordinance factory and many more other diversified applications. More...

Electrical Panels

Cotton More...

Structural Fabrication

At Bajaj, we take pride in flexibilty and diversification in both services and products, from prototype to production. Bajaj is equipped to deliver all the structural fabricaation that your applications demands. Our Structural fabrication shop enables us to build any component even speciality items with a commitment of maintaining lightest stnadards of safety. With around 50 years of experience, the latest technology, and highly skilled team Bajaj is th best choice for your next project More...

Conveyors & Elevators


Humidification Systems

Humidification or Moisture restoration in a cotton gin can have a huge impact on profitability for the grower, the gin and the mil.

  • Preserves fiber length, improves strength and uniformity and reduces short fiber content.
  • eliminates moisture condensation which is a general problem with all other techniques.
  • increases the lint slide capacity and allows more coton to enter the press box at each stroke of the tramper and hence higher density bale is obtained.
  • Improves the capacity of the bale press whereas dry cotton requires higher compression forces and more time to charge and compact it into the press box.


Dust / Waste Handling Systems


Engineering & Construction Projects

After proving our engineering and technology in cotton ginning sector & many other fabrication projects we have now entered into many new ventures, wherein we are offering best of our services and expertise in engineering and construction projects.More...

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