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Seed Cotton suction line with stone catcher Seed Cotton suction from cotton storage
Lint suction from Lint Cleaner discharge
Lint suction from DR Gins

Pneumatic conveying systems use air as the transport medium. Pneumatic conveying is fascilitated by combination of following products:

  1. Galvanised Pipes: We provide galvanised pipes from 5” dia to 36” dia for various applications these are made in length upto 6 mtr connected to each other by Flanges at the ends with suitable filler material to give leak proof joints.
  2. Elbows or bends for vertical movement of material.
  3. G.I./M.S. divertors are usually provided to fascilitate multi point material lifting.
  4. Centrifugal fans are used to create pressure differentials to induce efficient airflow to carry the material.
  5. Stone Catcher / Rock Taps: Stone catchers are the devices to separate rocks, green bolls and any other heavy objects in the cotton seed.
    These stone catchers are usually made of mild steel connected to the raw cotton conveying line before it enters the gin house or before seed enters into seed cleaner. Bajaj stone catchers have been designed and manufactured so as to fascilitate rocks and other heavy objects efficiently without considerable pressure losses.
    Stone catchers are combination of a mild steel chamber for setting heavy objects which has a counter weight trap door and on accumulating pipe wherein the heavy objects gets unloaded whereas centrifugal force generated fans is used to convey material. The trap door is held closed by suction while the material gets conveyed. The rocks etc can be dumpped by opening the trap door. Read more...
  6. Cyclones:- Bajaj cyclones designed and manufactured to suit centrifugal fan discharge rate. These cyclones are made of mild steel and are used on high pressure discharges interalia for following functions :
        a) Collect and discharge trash / dust
        b) For material feeding to the machinery
    The normal range of cyclones is from 510 mm diameter to 1676 mm diameter suitable for various applications.Some of the sailent features are as below
        • Robust Construction
        • No maintenance
        • Long life
  7. Dust Collectors: These are mounted below the cyclone between cyclone and airlock. This works as reserviour.
  8. Airlock:- Rotary Airlock are used to discharge trash, fibres, dust etc. below the cyclone after dust collectors without allowing air to enter into the system or for seed blowing systems to discharge seed in the conveyor below cyclone.
    Rotary airlocks are also used as rotary feeder in case of cotton seed blowing systems.
  9. Air Separator with Vaccum Wheel:- Air-separators are the machines designed to separate seed cotton / lint from conveying air in the pneumatic conveying system. In addition to this air separator also removes some quantity of dust, fine trash and short fibres from seed cotton/ lint. The efficient wiper keeps the stationary screen clean.
    Air separators are used at various locations in the ginning plant such as:
        1) To drop seed cotton into other machines such as pre-cleaners.
        2) To drop cotton directly on to central platform
        3) To drop cotton into a distribution conveyor
        4) To drop lint into lint cleaners and bale press drop box.
        5) To drop lint in lint godowns / conditioning rooms etc.
    Bajaj Air-Separators provide maximum opening area for smooth flow of higher volume of air and efficient discharge through the vaccum wheel without back pressure of air. Read more...
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