Bajaj POLYMIN is a specialist additive masterbatch company based in the heart of the India.

Bajaj POLYMIN is a preferred partner for technological innovation by many leading plastic processing companies. In addition Bajaj POLYMINis often approached by forward thinking chemical producers launching new products into the plastics industry.

Our fully equipped laboratory enables our technical staff to rapidly prototype new formulations, conduct extensive in house testing and offer our customers a first rate sampling service.

A team of specialised plastic and pigment technologists are at work to procuce the most versatile Masternatches in various colours and additives suitable for various applications like

1. Blown Films
2. General Extrusion
3. Blow Moulding
4. Injection Moulding
5. Box Strappings
6. Raffia Tapes & Woven Sacks
7. Multilayer Film
8. Fibres & Filancnts

All our Masterbatches are subjected to various quality control tests, which ensures a perfect end product. The selection of pigments is mainly based on their Rheological Properties to achieve perfect dispersion in the final products.

The control of raw materials and finished products & development of new colourants are available with a computer which is an american spedrophtometer, enable our company to express colour in figures, according to International ruls & to match transparent or opaque shades.

We offer wide range of standard masterbatches for all Plastics Processors and they are compatible with LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, HMHDPE, PP etc.