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Lint / Fiber is normally conveyed by following two systems or combination of both:

  1. Mechanical Lint Conveying Systems
  2. Pneumatic Conveying Systems
The typical mechanical conveyors used for lint in ginning plants.
Lint Belt Conveyors

The Lint belt Conveyors are normally fitted below the level of lint discharge from the Gin where the Lint slides through slopers or direct dropped on moving belt from the discharge point of Gin. The most prefered locations for Lint belt Conveyor are as below :

  1. For collection of Lint below each Gin
  2. For collection of lint from multiple Lint Cleaners or Air Seperator discharge
  3. For moisturization before the Lint slide to Baling Press
  4. To carry the Lint from Gins to Lint Cleaner or from opener to Press Box etc



Bajaj manufactures most efficient pneumatic conveying systems for both raw cotton and lint. Pneumatic conveying offers an ideal choice for transportation of seed cotton, lint, seed and other materials as the material is transported in a closed pipeline which protects it from environmental contaminations and also are smooth, trouble free, time saving and cheaper for long distance transportations.

  1. Available in spiral and plain construction
  2. Higher thickness of sheets for longer life
  3. Heavy duty bends, diverters, expander and reducers etc.
  4. Well designed joining
  5. Efficient removal of foreign particles


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