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Fire Detector on a Pneumatic Line  
Fire Diverter  

Fire Detection Systems are primarily used for fire prevention in pneumatic conveying systems by detecting the spark and diverting the material to extinguisher chambers / areas.

These fire detector / divertors detect smoke and heat very quickly and thus curtail the chances of any fire. This system detects sparks of any nature which are fire generating. Fitted with high efficient sensors to detect the spark or smoke and triggers flow diversion gates or divertors so that the fire never goes into the main line and is diverted to extinguisher chambers / areas.

  • Minimizes losses which may be caused by fire.
  • Spark detection, burning or flame detection response time is very quick.
  • Extinguishes hazards without stopping production.
  • User friendly
  • Can be easily accommodated into existing production lines with very small or no changes.
  • Downtime of all facilities is reduced to minimum.
  • Sensors are very easy to clean and hence specialized manpower not needed to run this system.

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