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  Easy to Operate
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  Maximises Profits
   An additional profit machine :
  • Designed to open raw cotton bolls by air turbulence and clean lower grades of cotton by separating dust, leaves immature bolls etc.
  • Most efficient for cleaning Zoda, Leafy and other lower grades of raw cotton as well as Collection from pre-cleaners.
  • Reduces manpower required for sorting, by allowing dust, leaves and immature bolls to fall below through grids with holes of different sizes for separate collection.
  • Opened and Cleaned raw cotton delivered at the discharge-end
  • Recovers useful raw cotton from trash cotton collections.
  • No damage to cotton fibre in the process.
  • A large capacity fan is provided before inlet to create sufficient air pressure to aerate raw cotton by air turbulence.
  • Large diameter Beaters are provided to separate dust, leaves and immature bolls etc. and push the clean raw cotton towards the discharge- end.
  • The grids are made of heavy- gauge steel sheets.
  • The round holes of different- size grids do not get clogged easily.
  • The top cover of the machine is of painted CR sheets to make the machine weather- resistant.
  • The main shaft runs on three heavy-duty ball bearing encased in dust- proof housing to Give trouble free service for number of years, with lower power consumption.
  • Guarding at the feed-end as well as at the discharge-end has been provided for safety purpose.
  • Totally enclosed by sheet metal with door to collect trash & pre-matured Bolls separately.
  • Suitable base for fitting electric motor has been provided to eliminate slide rails.
  • The covers of the machine are tightened by fly-nuts to enable the operator to attend the machine without using spanner.
  • Driving arrangement is totally enclosed.
Cleaning capacity / hour(Avg)   600 kgs raw cotton
Connected Total Power   5 HP
Height : From top of hopper   5 1/4’
            : From top of cover   4 1/4’
Width   3 ½’
Length   12’
Weight (approx)   750 kgs
Optional Accessories   i) C.I.Wheel arrangement
    ii) Elelctric Motor
    iii) Transmission Pulley & Belt
    iv) Starter
    v) Switch
    vi) Heavy-duty,four core flexible cable
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